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Boiler maintenance, repair, and training services

Boiler maintenance, repair, and training servicesValmet's Power Service, an experienced provider of boiler services offering a full line of boiler support service. We have decades of experience in boiler maintenance and installation that will enhance your systems reliability and operational efficiency. Providing you with custom tailored, value added services and LTSAs that will meet your system requirements. With multiple divisions servicing industries such as Pulp&Paper, Energy, Mining, and Construction, we can pull from a vast knowledge base to provide innovative solutions.

Our boiler field service and maintenance programs feature the most accurate reporting techniques available. From performance optimization to flue gas testing, Valmet's Power Service provides state of the art process performance and operational monitoring services.

Valmet's Power Service engineers understand the importance of providing efficient outage services; planned or forced, our experience with a variety of boiler types can support you with a wide range of capabilities. Offering chemical cleaning, repair, and start up services, as well as new installations, refractory touch, metallurgy, and labor management. We also specialize in training, on-line or classroom; we'll train your staff or train your trainers, utilizing simulators as well as an array of teaching techniques.

To learn more about Valmet's Power Service's boiler services, see the table below or contact Valmet's Power Service directly.

Boiler Services Capabilities


Technical Services
Boiler Inspections (Fuel Feeding, Ash Handling, Flue Gas and Air Systems, Fans & Dampers, Burners, Flue Gas Cleaning Equipment, Refreactory, NDT Wall Thickness)
Process Optimization and Troubleshooting
Dedicated Engineer Services
Operating & Maintenance Manuals & Procedures
Outage Services
Chemical Cleaning Consulting
Boiler Tube Scale Deposit Measurement NEW 2015!!
L2L - NEW! Liquor to Liquor Lean Concept
Outage Inspection/Report (annual or forced)
Coordinate Auxiliaries Inspections
Commissioning Services
Construction Management
Outage Planning & Management 
Smelt Removal (SmeltX)
WashX - Preparation for Smelt Removal
IB MACT & Utility MATS - Boiler Tuning
Troubleshooting  (NEW! BIC - Mobile Furnace Inspection Camera System)
Operating Support  (watch video of Mobile Furnace Imaging)
Startup Services
Mechanical Craft Labor and Supervision
Vacuum Services
Refractory Touch Up
NDT Spot Checks
NDT Mapping
Metallurgical Analysis
Metal Spray
Restart Assistance
Emergency Response Services Response (Services24/7/365 Support 877-311-0101)
  • DCS Help Desk Support
  • Service Engineer
  • Pressure Part Remove/Replace/Repair
  • Boiler Spare parts)
Training Services

Valmet WebAcademy - Online Training

Computer Based Training (CBT)
Interactive Multimedia Training (IMT) – (for Recovery Boilers, Evaporators, Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers, Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers, Non-Condensable Gas Systems, Lignoboost, Ashleaching)
Classroom (Basic and Refresher)
Train theTrainer
Coaching (OJT)
Basic ValmetDNA Training
DCS – Based Simulator Training
Refresher and Recertifications
Process Studies
Capacity Upgrades
Environmental Compliance
Preliminary Design
Gas Conversions
Circulation Upgrades
Thermal Modeling
CFD Modeling
Advanced Process Control Evaluations
Service Agreements
Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA)
(Custom and Predefined Packages available)

FlexServe Agreements

Below info applies to all our Field & Outage Services:

Industries Served
Pulp and Paper
Chemical Recovery
Steam Generation
Food Plants
Waste to Energy
Intended Applications
Kraft Recovery Boilers
Power Boilers
Non-Condensable Gas Systems
Industry Standards
ISO 9001
API 650

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