3 Reasons to Choose Wash-X When Cleaning Your Boiler

Each year when it comes time to prepare for a boiler outage, concerns about downtime and potential damage are common.  At Valmet we understand these concerns, and have developed our Wash-X service to make your boiler cleaning process easier and efficient.  Below are three reasons why using Wash-X will change the way you view the boiler cleaning process.

1) Limited Downtime: The timespan of the boiler cleaning process all depends on how long it takes for the smelt bed to cool down.   Wash-X processTypical smelt bed cooling times can be anywhere from 15-35 hours. By using the Wash-X process the smelt bed cooling time can be reduced greatly to 4-6 hours.  This reduced time is accomplished by simultaneously washing the floor with the rest of the boiler using low pressure water sprays and mixing devices installed on the furnace floor.

2) Reduced Risk of Damage: During the boiler cleaning process there is always the risk of damage due to large falling deposits and from mechanical cleaning.  The Wash-X process works with water being sprayed to the flood as soon as safe bed temperatures have been reached.  Then eductors are inserted to start floor washing in parallel with superheater washing.   By using hot water, faster washing occurs and it also is used to dissolve large ash deposits which fall to the floor.   The wash pool that forms also creates a barrier that protects the floor from large deposits which may fall off the wall during the cleaning process.  When the water is drained at the end the remaining deposits can easily be cleaned out, avoiding the need for mechanical cleaning that can cause damage to boiler floor.

3) Unique and Effective: Our Wash-X recovery boiler floor washing service is unique in its ability to wash the floor simultaneously with the rest of the boiler while using low pressure water sprays and mixing devices.   The ability to limit downtime and reduce potential damage is unmatched in the industry.  With successful jobs completed in North America, the Wash-X service will save a huge amount of time and money for companies who need their recovery boiler systems cleaned.

Valmet has over 40 years of experience providing full service in the boiler chemical cleaning industry.  Our boiler cleaning services including Smelt-X and Wash-X will save companies time and money and have your boiler operating at full strength much faster than any other process on the market.  For more information about our services and to arrange an in person meeting to discuss how our Wash-X service can work for you, please contact Mike Ward.


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