Valmet Field Services

Did you know that we here at Valmet offer a variety of field and engineering services? Our field service engineers have years of experience and the technical expertise to optimize the operability, maintenance and efficiency of your plant. We’re sure you’re well aware that the output, efficiency and availability level of your facility has a direct impact on your profitability. It is because of this, that it makes sense to analyze your current situation to help make you as profitable and efficient as possible. To help you make that decision, we’ve decided to discuss what exactly it is that we could do for you.

Our field services include inspections of recovery boilers, power boilers, evaporators and even auxiliary equipment. In addition to outage planning, we also do outage executions, such as NDE services, chemical cleaning and smelt removal. Valmet is also happy to offer fuel and ash analysis, system audits and tuning and optimization of boilers. In addition to lifetime support, we are available 24/7 throughout the entire year, and offer remote monitoring and reporting for peace of mind.

Our maintenance services include servicing boiler hanger rods, port rodders, and liquor stations and smelt spouts. We will rebuild and upgrade your systems, provide outage services, manufacturing solutions and qualified welding services.

Our engineering services include Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Methods, Power Boiler Designs and Recovery Boiler Designs. We can also assist in debottlenecking, by assisting with capacity upgrades. We also offer corrosion studies and feasibility studies, such as gas conversion, boiler upgrades, and process improvement.

We also offer training services. They include WebAcademy, which is an online portal using self-paced, interactive media training. WebAcademy covers LMS, Learning Management System, pulp mill and power plants. We also have VirtualSite Simulators, such as fully dynamic DCS coupled and stand-alone which uses a replicated DCS display. We will also gladly come to your plant for in-class training.

Valmet performs engineering analysis, design solutions, and project management services to help you fully understand your situation and then offer the best solutions to overcome your challenges. Contact our Field Services Manager, David Kittel at to schedule a consultation to maintain and maximize your operation standards.

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