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Pressure Parts Fabrication from Valmet

Each year our fabrication efforts continue to grow.

We can create most any boiler pressure parts including complete boiler retubes on loose tube bending and tube panels from carbon, alloy, stainless, composite and Inconel.

Other capabilities include complete or partial Superheater and Reheater elements with attachments, economizer bundles, generating banks, tube swages, shotblasting, dissimilar metal welds, straight tubes, and headers.

Keeler Boilers & Replacement Parts

As the exclusive owner of the inventive Keeler boiler drawings and contract files, Valmet Power has all the primitive drawings and contract files for the over 7000 manufactured Keeler boilers. In addition to our in-house stock of standard Keeler fabricated parts and original drawing specs, we have the ability to construct replacement tubes, headers, casing panels, doors, manhole plates, hand hole plates, (both with yokes and gaskets), key caps (with 40+ sizes), key cap pullers, Keeler special shape tiles, standard tile and insulation, soot blower, and more.






A Global Solutions Company You Can Rely On

Finding a resource for custom parts fabrication can be extremely tedious (and difficult) if you don’t know where to look. Power plants, Waste Incineration Plants, Recovery Boiler Plants, Municipalities, and Mining are some of the bigger areas and industries looking to turn waste into energy with these customized parts.

At Valmet, we’re always looking for innovative ways to make your everyday easier at a reasonable cost. Finding high-quality materials at a rational price is a relatable pain point that we work to overcome.

You’ll receive fast turnaround time when it comes to our custom manufacturing and parts fabrication.

Some of our parts and specialty services include:

  • Piping (code & non-code applications)
  • Processing plate, waterjet, laser, plasma
  • Structural parts, feeders, hoppers, conveyors
  • Welding
  • ASME tanks, components, & skids (turnkey)
  • Light structural (beams, service platforms, handrails, etc.)
  • Industrial boiler ducting
  • Tubes (straight, bent, WOL)
  • Pressure parts
  • Production machined parts & more!

The Valmet team will enhance your system reliability and operational efficiency. We service many industries including Paper & Pulp, Construction, and Waste to Energy. With our in-field services expanding, we’re the ideal option for power outages, broken, and/or outdated machinery.

For help with your boiler and small pressure parts, or any other pieces and services that we offer, stay up to date with our blog entries, Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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