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New Liquor to Liquor Lean Concept for Boiler Outages

Planning for a boiler outage can be a stressful and time-consuming process. At Valmet we understand the challenges you face, and have developed a new lean concept for liquor to liquor recovery boiler outages.  This streamlined process will make the boiler outage period easier for you by utilizing efficient techniques and steps that have proven successful.

In the past, the boiler shutdown process has been an incoherent operation with many of the necessary steps being performed without any sense of order or purpose.  With our new streamlined process we have created a Liquor to Liquor Lean Concept that organizes the boiler shutdown period in an ordered and economical fashion.  This is one bundle of services that will make the process simple and easy for you.

Liquor to Liquor Lean Concept for Boiler Outages

  • Step 1: Boiler Outage Planning: During the planning process we can handle technical coordination and spare-parts support. We can identify the maintenance needs, and work on the distribution of tasks with the mill team.
  • Step 2: Smelt-X: The Smelt-X boiler cleaning process uses custom designed ejectors made for each furnace arrangement to extend from spouts to the lowest point in floor for max extraction. With it smelt bed cooling time can be reduced to 4-6 hours from 15-35 hours, while allowing for the recovery of chemicals in the smelt bed, and minimization of wash water volume and alkalinity.
  • Step 3: Wash-X: With our Wash-X process the floor is washed simultaneously with the rest of the boiler using low pressure water sprays and mixing devices installed on the furnace floor. This allows for time spent in recovery to be reduced by 10-30 hours.
  • Step 4: Inspection, Maintenance, Examination: With a full range of inspection and maintenance capabilities, Valmet can manage the maintenance throughout the outage. This includes coordinating and managing a complete portfolio of NDE services including all standard inspections such as ultrasonic thickness surveys, liquid penetrant & magnetic particle inspections, and weld examinations. We also offer a host of advanced inspection capabilities like phased array ultrasonics, near drum inspections, and IRIS tube inspections. To enhance safety and production we can also provide low-energy radiography solutions including conventional, digital, and computed radiography services.
  • Step 5: Chemical Cleaning, Boiler Tube Deposit Inspection: Chemical cleaning services including steam blows, high pressure chemical blasting, hydrolasing and vapor phase cleaning. Also we do boiler tube scale deposit inspection and evaluation.
  • Step 6: Post Maintenance Tests: After the cleaning process is complete we can perform full maintenance tests to evaluate the process, and offer support and information on how to plan and budget future outage work.
  • Step 7: Startup Tuning: With our recovery boiler tuning camera we can inspect the boiler for plugging, tune liquor sprays, emissions troubleshooting, and burner optimization.

Liquor to Liquor Lean concept

The Valmet Liquor to Liquor Lean concept works with a service agreement where a bank of hours can be used in any matter from field service, maintenance management, engineering, emergency call outs and troubleshooting among other areas on an as needed basis.  With multi-year agreement discounts and full transparency on service rates this process is the best value on the market.  We also offer free internet training packages and spare parts discounts along with our lean concept package. For more information about our services and to arrange an in person meeting to discuss how our Liquor to Liquor Lean Concept can work for you, please contact Mike Ward, or speak with us at the BLRBAC Fall 2016 Meeting.