Valmet – Prepared for your Emergency

At Valmet, we are North America’s top tube shield and tubing Boiler Tubes - for all your tubing requirementsprovider.  We stock an extensive range of stainless steel sheets in varying gauge sizes for tube shield fabrication, as well as boiler tubing and membrane bars in a wide range of material grades and sizes to support both tubing and pressure part manufacturing demand.  All of this material is stocked at our Lancaster, SC Service Center where a team of engineering and manufacturing experts are based and ready to respond to meet your tube and tubing needs.  What really sets us apart and makes Valmet unique though is our commitment to customer service, and our fast response to emergency situations.

Valmet understands the nature of our clients business and the urgency that comes during outages regardless of whether it’s a planned or unplanned situation.  With delivery services ranging from licensed drivers on staff for hot shot services with our local customers, to the capacity for air shipments in responding to unforeseen forced outages due to tube failures in any region of the country, we’ve proven time and again how we deliver results.  Our management team provides the support to Valmet’s 24/7 emergency call service to ensure our clients receive the required response to resolve the emergency.  Where there’s a need, Valmet will “find a way” to get it done.  Quite simply, expect results because we care about you, our customer.  Valmet also accepts credit card payments to cut down on paperwork delays, making it easier for you to do business – regardless of the circumstances!

At Valmet we offer multiple options of custom tube shields to fit all of our customers’ needs in both emergency situations and for routine maintenance.  A few of our options are:

Custom tube shields

Custom Straight Shields – Available with angles of wrap between 90° to 240° and can be manufactured with straight ends, belled ends and flared legs.

Custom Curved Shields – Can be manufactured to cover both outside and inside curves of tubing.

Custom Economizer Shields – Special design that provides effective protection for finned tubes and can be manufactured to accommodate tube OD, angle of wrap and fin height.

370° Tube Shields – Allows for complete coverage of tube surfaces without the need for overlapping two shields.

When it comes to erosion control methods of boiler tubes, our tube shields are the least expensive method for tube protection.  They are only a fraction of the cost of competing methods to extend the lives of boiler tubes.  With our local North American manufacturing facilities, we offer lightning speed service that can have tube shields quickly made and delivered to you. Tubing for airplane

At Valmet we can work with you to forecast how many tube shields you would need for the year, and then manufacture them up front at a discount to you.  We can then store the inventory for you and ship them to you as needed.  This planning ahead and stocking program will make sure to limit your boiler shutdown time and have you ready to deal with any emergency situation.

Please contact Jimmy Simms at (304) 518-1114 to learn more about how our custom tube shields can meet all your tube protection needs and discover how Valmet is prepared for your emergency.

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