Mobile Furnace Inspection Camera System

Maintaining safe, efficient and environmentally compliant boiler operations is very important. However, doing so may not be the easiest thing when an operator is simply looking into ports and guessing. That is why Valmet is offers the Mobile Furnace Inspection Camera System. This system allows Valmet, Inc. Field Service Engineers to find ways to optimize boiler fuel introduction, whether solid, liquid or gaseous in order to optimize efficiency, locate and diagnose firing issues and ensure environmental compliance.

The Mobile Furnace Inspection Camera System is available in either a straight lens or a rotating off axis lens (90 degree) which allows the Valmet, Inc. Field Service Engineer to rotate the camera lens 360 degrees around the camera axis. The camera system can be operated in air ports, observation ports, and manways and can be installed in most operating boiler environments.  The camera lens is air cooled and its temperature is monitored by an on board thermalcouple. The camera system has a built in video display and can also be connected to a portable DVR which is able to hold an 8GB memory card. This allows the Valmet, Inc. Field Service Engineer to go back, review footage to pinpoint issues and show customers management and operations personnel these firing issues, as well as, show the results of corrective operational changes.

Valmet Inc.’s Field Service Engineering and the The Mobile Inspection Camera System allows customers operation staff to see the cause of boiler firing issues and provides extremely  most accurate information. For more information, please contact us.

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