Extending the Life of Your Boiler With Tube Shields

To prevent the need for costly, time-consuming boiler system repairs, consider using custom tube shields. Tube shields are an effective solution for protecting your boiler’s tubes, helping to prevent both erosion and corrosion. These shields are also very cost-efficient, involving a minimal initial investment while allowing for far-reaching, long-lasting effects. In fact, tube shields can significantly extend the life of your boiler.

Tube shields can be specially designed to fit each unique boiler system, ensuring optimal protection of boiler tubes and greatly reducing the risk of failure. These shields offer three main benefits: cost efficiency, easy customization, and stockability.

3 Key Benefits of Boiler Tube Shields

Cost Efficiency

Tube shields can save you money in more ways than one. First, tube shields are one of the most inexpensive methods for protecting your boiler tubes from general wear and tear. Though these shields are cheap, they serve as an extremely effective protective covering for tubes, guarding against corrosive and abrasive elements in your boiler. Second, tube shields — despite being a very inexpensive investment — tend to provide long-lasting returns.

Designed to protect your boiler’s tubes from the damage that can result from normal operation, these shields will help minimize the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Tube shields also significantly reduce the risk of downtime, which can seriously impact overall productivity while upping labor needs.

Easy Customization

curved tube shieldTube shields are also highly customizable, and many companies are able to specially design shields to fit specific tubes. Working with an experienced team that can create unique shields for your particular boiler will not only ensure that the shields perfectly fit your tubes, it will also protect them to the highest degree possible.

Customization is an effective way to optimize boiler tubes’ resistance to corrosive or abrasive elements while minimizing the potential for failure. Below are a few examples of customized tube shields:

  • 370° tube shields — Designed for “new” shop applications, these shields completely cover the tube’s surface without the need to overlap two shields.
  • Custom curved shields — These are manufactured to cover the tube’s outside and inside curves.
  • Custom economizer shields — These are designed to effectively protect fin tubes while accommodating the tube’s outside diameter, angle of wrap, and fin
  • Custom straight shields — This type of shield is manufactured with straight ends, belled ends, or flared legs.


Valmet keeps a stocked inventory of tube shield material, which means they will be available to be manufactured quickly whenever you need them. We also work with many of our customers to plan for anticipated inventory needs. From there, companies can easily forecast how many shields you may need in a year, and we can manufacture them in advance at a discounted rate. Valmet can then keep these extra shields on hand and ship them as needed.

With this smart stocking plan, companies avoid the headache of extended shutdowns resulting from unexpected boiler repairs, and never have to wait on potentially unreliable delivery. Having access to backup shields gives customers peace of mind in the event of an emergency, so even the most unexpected situations can be addressed with ease.

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Valmet is proud to be a leading global developer and supplier of cutting-edge technologies, automation, and services for clients in the pulp, paper, and energy industries. Our skilled team works closely with customers to provide top-of-the-line, customized tube shield solutions to meet specific boiler system needs.

In addition to being known for our value, we’re also known for our fast turnarounds. We can quote your outage delivery requirements on a same-day basis, and over 50% of our orders are capable of shipping within 24 hours.

To learn more about Valmet’s tube shield capabilities and discuss how they can help protect your boiler system, contact the team today.

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