Combatting Fouling and Tube Erosion with the Aero-Shield™

Here at Metso we make it our mission to address all of the issues that can occur in a boiler. To that end, we sought to combat the fouling and tube erosion that often takes place in boilers. Our Aero-Shields™ are the answer to that problem. The product of 7 years of development, the Aero-Shields™ have been in operation for the past four years. They offer a whole host of benefits:

  • Improved flue gas distribution
  • Reduce fouling and slagging
  • Increase heat transfer up to 25%, yielding higher boiler efficiency
  • Increase service life for boiler pressure parts
  • Increase service life for boiler parts downstream of the Aero-Shields™
  • Reduce damage to regular tube shields located downstream of the Aero-Shields™, resulting in cost savings in downtime and labor for maintenance.


Each Aero-Shield™ is custom designed specifically for the boiler and operating environment. Before the Aero-Shield™ is designed, our expert engineering team performs a detailed study that includes a CFD analysis and thermal modeling. Each boiler has its own unique parameters, and conducting this study ensures that your Aero-Shield™ will be a perfect fit, and serve as the optimal solution to your boiler challenge.

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