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Extending the Life of Your Boiler With Tube Shields

To prevent the need for costly, time-consuming boiler system repairs, consider using custom tube shields. Tube shields are an effective solution for protecting your boiler’s tubes, helping to prevent both erosion and corrosion. These shields are also very cost-efficient, involving a minimal initial investment while allowing for far-reaching, long-lasting effects. In fact, tube shields can significantly extend the life of your boiler.

Tube shields can be specially designed to fit each unique boiler system, ensuring optimal protection of boiler tubes and greatly reducing the risk of failure. These shields offer three main benefits: cost efficiency, easy customization, and stockability.

3 Key Benefits of Boiler Tube Shields

Cost Efficiency

Tube shields can save you money in more ways than one. First, tube shields are one of the most inexpensive methods for protecting your boiler tubes from general wear and tear. Though these shields are cheap, they serve as an extremely effective protective covering for tubes, guarding against corrosive and abrasive elements in your boiler. Second, tube shields — despite being a very inexpensive investment — tend to provide long-lasting returns.

Designed to protect your boiler’s tubes from the damage that can result from normal operation, these shields will help minimize the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs. Tube shields also significantly reduce the risk of downtime, which can seriously impact overall productivity while upping labor needs.

Easy Customization

curved tube shieldTube shields are also highly customizable, and many companies are able to specially design shields to fit specific tubes. Working with an experienced team that can create unique shields for your particular boiler will not only ensure that the shields perfectly fit your tubes, it will also protect them to the highest degree possible.

Customization is an effective way to optimize boiler tubes’ resistance to corrosive or abrasive elements while minimizing the potential for failure. Below are a few examples of customized tube shields:

  • 370° tube shields — Designed for “new” shop applications, these shields completely cover the tube’s surface without the need to overlap two shields.
  • Custom curved shields — These are manufactured to cover the tube’s outside and inside curves.
  • Custom economizer shields — These are designed to effectively protect fin tubes while accommodating the tube’s outside diameter, angle of wrap, and fin
  • Custom straight shields — This type of shield is manufactured with straight ends, belled ends, or flared legs.


Valmet keeps a stocked inventory of tube shield material, which means they will be available to be manufactured quickly whenever you need them. We also work with many of our customers to plan for anticipated inventory needs. From there, companies can easily forecast how many shields you may need in a year, and we can manufacture them in advance at a discounted rate. Valmet can then keep these extra shields on hand and ship them as needed.

With this smart stocking plan, companies avoid the headache of extended shutdowns resulting from unexpected boiler repairs, and never have to wait on potentially unreliable delivery. Having access to backup shields gives customers peace of mind in the event of an emergency, so even the most unexpected situations can be addressed with ease.

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Valmet is proud to be a leading global developer and supplier of cutting-edge technologies, automation, and services for clients in the pulp, paper, and energy industries. Our skilled team works closely with customers to provide top-of-the-line, customized tube shield solutions to meet specific boiler system needs.

In addition to being known for our value, we’re also known for our fast turnarounds. We can quote your outage delivery requirements on a same-day basis, and over 50% of our orders are capable of shipping within 24 hours.

To learn more about Valmet’s tube shield capabilities and discuss how they can help protect your boiler system, contact the team today.

Demonstrate Compliance with the New IB MACT Boiler Tune-up Requirements

Are you able to demonstrate compliance with the new IB MACT Boiler Tune-up requirements?

What is a boiler tune-up?
•    A boiler tune-up refers to many aspects of improving boiler operations. Form an emissions perspective, the term boiler tune-up specifically refers to the activity to meet the requirements in the Boiler Area and Major Source Rules (40 CFR Part 63 Subpart JJJJJJ and Subpart DDDDD).
•    The tune-up activity is the act of re-establishing the air-fuel mixture for the operation range of the boiler. Oxygen and unburned fuel (carbon monoxide is generally the indicative measurement) are balanced to provide safe and efficient combustion. Carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations are also measured to ensure a proper combustion process.
•    A primary goal of a boiler tune-up is to improve boiler efficiency with respect to combustion operations.
•    The primary tool required to complete a boiler combustion tune-up is a flue gas analyzer. The required measurements for an appropriate flue gas analysis are flue gas oxygen content, combustibles content, and any components that are managed as part of environmental compliance (NOx for example). These measurements are typically obtained with a portable combustion analyzer.

When must a tune-up be conducted?
•    An initial tune-up is required for all facilities under the rule. Boiler heat input capacity, boiler classification, and/or the use of an oxygen trim system will determine the tune-up periodicity after the initial tune-up
•    Compliance Date:
– Area Source Units = March 21, 2014
– Major Source Units = January 16, 2016

Who is conducting your IB MACT boiler tune-up?
•    All boiler adjustments and modifications should be completed by qualified, experienced technicians. Boiler operations in general and tune-up activities in particular are hazardous and require the skill and knowledge of experienced technicians. The tune-up technician should be skilled in the evaluation and adjustment of the specific boiler and burner equipment in use.
•    Valmet, Inc. Energy & Environmental Service, Field Service Engineers are skilled and experienced in the evaluation and adjustment of boiler and burner equipment.

Valmet is a recognized boiler OEM with extensive experiene in boiler operations. Valmet will provide the portable gas analyzer and a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable service engineer to enable you to demonstrate compliance with the IB MACT rule.

Learn More About IB MACT Boiler Tune-ups

What’s in a Name?

You may have already heard the news, but on October 1, 2013 the Extraordinary General Meeting approved the demerger of the Metso and Valmet companies, which will be completed by January 2014. So what does this mean for all of our customers who rely on our trusted products and services? Rest assured, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has not and will never change. Valmet’s focus will be on the development and supply of competitive technologies through the entire life cycle for the pulp and paper and power generation industries. Although our name and logo has changed, the same experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive employees are here to answer your call.

To increase Valmet’s customer service even more, we will bolster our organizations in our five main geographic areas: North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Asia-Pacific, and China. We will continue to focus on producing the most developed and innovative technology for Pulp, Energy, and Paper services. You may have already noticed our new visual identity, which will be familiar to those who have used the myriad of Metso’s services and products. The Valmet logo is a green arrow emblem pointing forward as a representation of our goals and promise to our customers to always promote their success and development in our joint endeavors. We hope you will join our new company in our vision of excellence to move forward into the future of pulp, paper, and energy.

The 9 Things You Need to Know For a Gas Boiler Conversion

Switching your boiler over to natural gas could save a lot of money in the long run, but it is not the right choice for everyone. Here are the nine big questions and things you need to know when considering converting your boiler to run on gas:

1.       What will it take to get natural gas to my boiler? One of the first things you need to do is find out if there is a pipeline nearby and the distance that you will have to run piping outside of your plant. An economic analysis needs to be done when it comes to reaching a gas line, especially one that requires crossing a stream or other obstacle.

2.       If I can’t get natural gas to my boiler, what are my options? Contact your local gas supplier to see if it could be worth it for them to run a line nearby your plant. This is more of a long-term process. Running a pipeline could take months or years. It may be an option to get delivery of compressed or liquefied gas to operate your boiler until a permanent gas supply can be established.

3.       Do I need to change my control system? An engineering study will be performed to simulate how your boiler will behave will gas. Depending on the type of boiler, your control system may need modification. Some old boilers require retrofitting and additional instrumentation. The control system will likely need to be modernized or upgraded as a result of fuel change and will likely involve DCS and BMS, depending on the type of boiler. NFBA 85 code must be met.

4.       How will it affect the way my boiler used to operate? The engineering study will also help determine the differences in operation. Your boiler may require a slightly different startup time with a different fuel. Oil has a rich, luminous flame, but gas will have a slightly transparent one. Without oil there will also be less exhaust gas and heat transfer is affected.

5.       Do I have enough space available to do a boiler conversion? Gas conversions require a big piece of equipment that valves and skids need to run on that  can take up a big chunk of space. This is also determined in the engineering study after the physical plant is surveyed for an appropriate place to house the new equipment.

6.       Should my boiler be able to run on both fuels? That depends on your contract with your gas supplier. There may be a time when gas is more expensive than oil, so you might want to leave the option of going back to oil if needed. This is something that must be decided early in the project and is more expensive to set up. There may be a time where gas is curtailed which would require an alternate source of fuel. The proper option can be determined in the contract phase with your gas supplier.

7.       Can I continue to fire my solid fuels together with gas? You may want to be able to fire gas and solid fuels (coal, wood, etc.) This can be determined on a case by case basis and decided early on so that the boiler can be modeled correctly. Modifications may be necessary on control systems and your boiler.

8.       How will it affect my emissions? Generally, emissions are improved while firing gas. Firing gas will affect emissions more on start up than when your boiler gets up to a full load. Also, Carbon monoxide can be hard to control during startup. The EPA requires stricter emission requirements that may determine the type of fuel that you’re firing.

9.       What modifications will be required to achieve my original operating conditions? Modifications to the operating controls as well as the physical boiler may be necessary. The engineering study will determine if your boiler will be able to handle the conversion and achieve original operating conditions or at least come close. Based on the original design conditions a boiler derate may be necessary. If the boiler was originally designed to fire oil or coal, a derate will most likely be required. The engineering study will determine this information for you.

If you have any further questions about a boiler conversion, contact us here:

Field and Outage Services – Providing Customizable, Comprehensive Service Agreements with Metso Power

Twenty years ago, plants had a large enough staff to take care of all of their service needs. But in order to stay competitive, today’s plants are running with fewer people. They also have more regulations to comply with than ever before. What that all boils down to is a need for help. Our staff here at Metso Power is here to provide that help. We’re boiler people, and we have the expertise to keep plants running smoothly.

We offer a large variety of services, many of which we’ve detailed below. We can combine any of these services into a service package, one that can be set for any length of time.  Recently, we quoted a customer for a 12 year “all-in” maintenance agreement. What these packages allow our clients to do is focus on something else, knowing that their maintenance needs will be met. For example, plants that fall under the jurisdiction of the American Petroleum Institute must clean their tanks every ten years. We can keep that schedule here and make sure the tank is routinely serviced. We can also spread out payments on a multi-year basis. This allows customers to better plan out their budgets, because they know what their maintenance costs will be each year.

Tank Cleaning and Inspection

We’re partnered with another company to provide safe, efficient cleaning services. Tank cleaning is a dangerous job. There have been numerous instances over the years where workers have fatally entered tanks where the atmosphere was not properly checked, or not checked at all. We make use of submersible robots that save us from putting anyone in harm’s way. These robots also allow us to clean your tank when it’s online, preventing us from getting into the critical path of your boiler outage.

In some instances, we’re able to save a good deal of the chemicals removed during cleaning, and insert them back into the tank after we’re done. If all of the chemicals are expelled it takes a few system turnovers for operations to run smoothly again. The more you can reuse chemicals, the less of an impact tank cleaning has.

Outage Services

We can manage your outage for you. We’ll set up a schedule, put in the engineering hours year after year, and take care of your outage from start to finish.

Boiler Aware

We offer a database solution for collecting boiler inspection information.

Plant Control

This is something we offer in conjunction with Metso Automation. We can install a control device on your boiler that makes critical decisions. There’s a lot of data for boiler operators to sift through. Making real time decisions can often be difficult, and a delay in making those decisions can negatively impact boiler efficiency. The device we install takes that information, processes it, and makes any necessary adjustments to the boiler.

Like we said, here at Metso Power we’re boiler people, and we’re eager to provide the services you need to keep your plant running.

Smelt-X: Speeding Up Smelt Extraction and Minimizing Boiler Outage Time

For boilers with decanting furnace floors, smelt extraction is often a routine part of outage maintenance. But truly optimizing the process, both in terms of time required and percentage of smelt extracted, can be a challenging proposition. Our turnkey Smelt-X service exists to alleviate those challenges.

Most smelt removal services utilize augers. But with numerous moving parts and a limit of 10ft. in operating depth—a depth that can be further hindered by large spout hoods—augers are often limited in just how much smelt they can remove.

Smelt-X makes use of air ejectors. We insert a 10 ft. – 20 ft. long stainless steel “straw” with a compressed air line running inside of it down into the lowest part of the boiler. From there, we utilize mill air to create a Venturi effect that siphons smelt out of the tank. With no moving parts to fail and a depth limit that has not yet been reached by any boiler we’ve worked on, Smelt-X offers more thorough smelt removal in less time.

As part of our Smelt-X package, we arrive on site the day before your boiler shuts down to prep our equipment and help you prepare. We set up our equipment and make sure it works, and sit down with boiler operators and mill management to discuss the outage schedule. If you need assistance getting the boiler in the proper state to burn down the smelt bed to the point where we can perform extraction, we’re more than happy to help.

Why choose Smelt-X for your smelt removal?

  • Extract a large pool of molten smelt to significantly reduce boiler cool down time and enable maintenance to begin sooner
  • Remove smelt pool in order to inspect boiler floor tubes
  • Reduce lost chemicals by recovering smelt pool in dissolving tank
  • Eliminate risk of damaging floor tubes by using air operated ejectors which have no moving parts – this is more reliable
  • Ensure spouts troughs are not overheated by not dispensing smelt directly into spouts, especially during water wash cycles.
  • Increase safety by removing the smelt pool before water washing the boiler
  • Ensure thorough smelt extraction without having to damage/modify hoods

As part of the Smelt-X service, Metso service engineers will arrive on-site the day before extraction to help implement a proper bed burn down procedure to maximize results by insuring the entire smelt bed is molten. Smelt-X provides the most efficient and thorough means of smelt extraction, allowing our team to help your team minimize boiler outage time.

Introducing the Valmet Smelt Spout System Upgrade!

“This is our best selling product and raising the bar on what customers should expect from their smelt spout system performance.” – Dan Morrison, Valmet’s Smelt Spout Product Manager

We’re proud of our industry leading SMaRT™ innovation here at Valmet Power—the Smelt Spout System. But this is a blog, after all, so we don’t want to weigh you down with a boring press release. Instead, here’s a top ten list that highlights the BEST of what the system has to offer.

1 – The system can pay for itself in LESS THAN A YEAR!!!

The ShatterMax™ dual shatter jet is the focal point of the system, offering substantial steam savings, which alone can pay for the retrofit in less than a year. Each shatter jet nozzle is rated for <400lbs/hr flow with 160# steam and is typically fully operational with only one of the two nozzles in service.

*Note* The ShatterMax™ dual shatter jets are also available as a stand-alone retrofit project for any existing recovery boiler.

2 – Keep workers safe and protected

Safety Matters around Recovery Tasks and every aspect of the SMaRT™ system—from the position of the ShatterMax™ jet to the externally accessible hood shower bars—is designed to keep operators safe and protected, whether they’re inspecting and tuning the shatter jet operation or removing the shower bars for cleaning and replacement while the unit is online and smelting.

3 – It can be installed as part of new construction, or as a retrofit for existing recovery boilers of ANY OEM

This is a great product, so we thought it should be available to everyone. You don’t need worry about who made your recovery boiler or how old it is—we’ll make the Valmet work for YOUR unit.

4 – Lower maintenance time AND cost

The insertable self leveling spouts with integrated refractory seal box are easily replaceable, saving you time and money during outages, and who couldn’t use more of that?

5 – Maintain reduction efficiency and minimize excess load on the vent stack scrubber

Each Valmet Smelt Spout System has two enclosed micro hoods attached to seal the transition between furnace and dissolving tank, an ideal arrangement that keeps the smelt stream covered and reduces tramp air intake.

6 – Quieter spout deck

This one speaks for itself. Less noise means less of a headache for everyone.

7 – Customizable

Any of the system’s three mini doors can be arranged to accommodate the inspection/maintenance needs of your mill. No mill is exactly the same, so we made our system adaptable.

8 – Unique, Valmet designed spout

The core of the system is the robust, insertable, water-cooled smelt spout. The spout design is clean and simple with no tube swages or attachments. It has a deep, U-shaped trough with a steep 35° slope exclusive to our design. It enables the spouts to maintain a quick, steady and uniform smelt stream, giving better shattering capabilities AND reducing crusting in the trough.

9 – Steam savings

In addition to the nozzle rating, the highly adjustable shatter jet brackets enable the nozzles to be accurately positioned, allowing the steam consumption to be throttled back to achieve the greatest steam savings while maintaining proper smelt shattering.

10 – Long life

The ShatterMax™ is positioned at such an angle as to direct the smelt shattering far down inside the dissolving tank, rather than inside the lower hood—a practice which, based on our experience, typically decreases its life span.

So there you have it—the top ten reasons YOU should upgrade to Valmet’s Smelt Spout System. And the unofficial Reason 11? It’s a Valmet Power SMaRT™ product, so you know its top-of-the-line, designed with your safety and profitability in mind. What are you waiting for? Call us to learn more.

Skirting the OEMs

Here at Metso Power, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best products at the best price in the shortest amount of time. Our ash hopper steel skirting is no different. We provide an alternative to going back to the OEM. And we freely admit that our ash hopper skirting is not as good as the OEM original—it’s better, and we can get it to you in a shorter amount of time.Ash Hopper Steel Skiritng

Why is it so important that we emphasize shorter turnaround times? The answer is because those turnaround times are so crucial to our customers. We’re a service company. By and large, customers don’t order from us in advance, they order from us when their plant is in outage. And when you realize that you need new ash hopper steel skirting 10 days into a 30 or 40 day outage, you need it fast.

The keys to our quality and speed lie in the fact that we manufacture our own tooling, and that no matter what type of stainless steel our customers use at their plants, they can be almost sure that we have it on inventory here.  All of this means that we can offer products perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs. There’s no “making something work,” there’s only crafting the perfect skirting for the job.

Metso Power to the Rescue!

Power Producers across a variety of industries, from utilities, pulp & paper manufacturers and independent power producers,  to sugar cane companies and waste energy, have come to find Metso Power is the all-around industry leader.  We supply our customers with the highest quality power generation equipment at a competitive value, for any and all needs.  But, that’s not all.  What really sets us apart and makes Metso unique is our commitment to customer service and our fast response to emergency situations.

TubingRecently, a customer in a remote region experienced severe boiler tube failures over the course of a weekend, which created an unforced outage and the potential for significant losses.  Understanding the urgent nature of our customer situation, we immediately addressed their needs, located the replacement tubing they required, and arranged air transportation for immediate delivery to ensure their requirements were fulfilled without delay.  This is just one of the countless examples of how we work tirelessly, 24/7, to support our clients.  Where there’s a need, Metso Power will “find a way” to get it done.  Quite simply, expect results because we care about you, our customer.

Metso stocks boiler tubing and membrane bar in a wide range of material grades and sizes in our U.S. facilities, so they are always in-stock whenever you need them click here to learn more.

The bottom line is Metso Power is the solution to your tubing needs.  So what does that mean for you? We look ahead and anticipate what’s happening both in your business and in the industry at large. With Metso Power, you can rest assured we are working round-the-clock to be the company you need us to be, all day, every day.

Be sure to check out our website for more information on our industry-leading services.