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Dispose of Your Biosludge with this New & Improved System

Getting rid of secondary sludge, or biosludge, has always been an industry issue bringing forward many problems due to its high water content and the nature of the solids contained. With these drawbacks, transportation and disposal become problematic.

As of recent, field experts are focused on improving what we currently know as traditional disposal methods like landfilling or incineration in the power boiler.

Drawbacks to the traditional approaches include:

  • Offensive odor
  • Water leaching from landfill sites
  • Low thermal efficiency
  • Potential health hazards in handling
  • Overall cost of disposal

With landfills for biomass material now banned in Europe, a new approach was needed and for several mills, this was to incinerate the biosludge in the recovery boiler.

Through a proprietary system, the biosludge is hydrolyzed by mixing it with black liquor and then sent off to the concentrator for disposal in the recovery boiler.

New benefits of this approach include:

  • No offensive odor
  • No handling or transfer of the sludge for transport
  • Higher thermal efficiency by using the multiple effect economy of the evaporators
  • Incineration occurs within the recovery boiler with no real change in operation
  • Lower cost solution internal to the mill operations

Current studies reveal that no significant negative impacts have been experienced in the mills that have taken on incineration of secondary sludge within the recovery boiler.

For more of an in-depth look at the recovery boiler system read our recent white paper. The analysis includes an overview of the secondary sludge hydrolysis process, detailed benefits of hydrolyzing and disposing of sludge in the recovery boiler, user experience, and additional links and information on Valmet Automation products for wastewater handling.

Valmet has over 40 years of experience in the boiler system industry. Our skilled team of industry experts can help improve your handling and disposal of secondary sludge needs.

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ChemClean Advisory Services – Boiler Chemical Cleaning

Performing a chemical cleaning of a boiler can be a time-consuming and difficult job.  To make this job easier, Valmet offers Chemical Cleaning Advisory Services which will provide you with a safe and time saving chemical cleaning plan for your boiler.  Valmet can handle the complete job from start to finish, making sure the results are what you are looking for.  With a solid track record of successful projects, and nearly 40 years expertise and experience, Valmet will help you make sure your boiler is chemically cleaned safely and efficiently.

Valmet People

While other companies will only consult and explain to you how you can clean your boiler, Valmet can go further by performing full turn-key services for you.  We will derive the cleaning procedure for any system to be cleaned with reactive chemistry as well as determine deposit weight loading and perform solubility testing.  Our services will provide shorter shutdowns of your boiler, and cleaner boilers when we are finished.

Our expertise include planning, procurement, mechanical preparation, cleaning execution, inspection and reinstatement and startup.  Our thorough up-front planning for safety, technical, mechanical and environmental concerns will prevent time consuming last minute changes.  While working closing with all parties, our planning will allow for other jobs to be performed in the work area while the chemical cleaning is being performed, keeping the outage as short and economical as possible.  Our proven chemical processes are time saving and sludge minimizing and our final passivation  process will limit the amount of time for boiler water cleanup on startup to 24 hours or less.

Based on the job requirements we can provide other services including isometric pipe route drawings, chemical cleaning vendor via subcontract and mechanical contractor for mechanical preparation and reinstatement via subcontract.  As we will be onsite monitoring the entire process, we also provide the post-cleaning inspection of drums, headers, tubes, lines and piping, and a final report of the entire project.

When it comes to boiler chemical cleaning, no company can match the full service job that Valmet does.  Our total project supply and nearly 40 years of experience make us the best option to execute your boiler cleaning project.  Our expertise are not just limited to boilers though, contact us here to learn how Valmet can advise you on the chemical cleaning of other systems including steam systems including superheaters, black liquor evaporators and concentrators and green liquor piping.  We will do the total job for you and will have your system clean and running efficiently.