Valmet Offers WebAcademy Training

Let’s start with something you’re already well aware of; training employees is an expensive process. With growing reductions in staff, many facilities just don’t have the people or the time to train their new operators. That’s why we here at Valmet have developed an online training portal known as WebAcademy. WebAcademy is an affordable alternative to having someone come in and train your employees. It offers systems, equipment and in-depth process knowledge. We offer both generic and fully-customizable training simulators for all of your pulp mill and fluidized bed power plant needs.  Our system is self-paced which allows supervisors to assign courses and because it is available 24/7, it’s flexible enough to meet a new operator’s schedule. We also offer a Train-the-Trainer option which targets experienced operators and team leaders, allowing them to better train their staff.

Training simulators

WebAcademy is available in five languages, has more than 300 courses, and offers individual or role-based training programs. Our program allows you to create personal user accounts so the progress of one operator doesn’t interfere with any others. An added benefit of multiple user accounts is the ability to view individual progress tracking to see how well your employees are doing on the given tests and exercises. We also will give you 2 GB of storage on our servers, so you can keep all of your training materials in one central location.

Still not convinced that WebAcademy is right for you? Ask us today about our free 48 hour demo, and let our program speak for itself.