Field and Outage Services – Providing Customizable, Comprehensive Service Agreements with Metso Power

Twenty years ago, plants had a large enough staff to take care of all of their service needs. But in order to stay competitive, today’s plants are running with fewer people. They also have more regulations to comply with than ever before. What that all boils down to is a need for help. Our staff here at Metso Power is here to provide that help. We’re boiler people, and we have the expertise to keep plants running smoothly.

We offer a large variety of services, many of which we’ve detailed below. We can combine any of these services into a service package, one that can be set for any length of time.  Recently, we quoted a customer for a 12 year “all-in” maintenance agreement. What these packages allow our clients to do is focus on something else, knowing that their maintenance needs will be met. For example, plants that fall under the jurisdiction of the American Petroleum Institute must clean their tanks every ten years. We can keep that schedule here and make sure the tank is routinely serviced. We can also spread out payments on a multi-year basis. This allows customers to better plan out their budgets, because they know what their maintenance costs will be each year.

Tank Cleaning and Inspection

We’re partnered with another company to provide safe, efficient cleaning services. Tank cleaning is a dangerous job. There have been numerous instances over the years where workers have fatally entered tanks where the atmosphere was not properly checked, or not checked at all. We make use of submersible robots that save us from putting anyone in harm’s way. These robots also allow us to clean your tank when it’s online, preventing us from getting into the critical path of your boiler outage.

In some instances, we’re able to save a good deal of the chemicals removed during cleaning, and insert them back into the tank after we’re done. If all of the chemicals are expelled it takes a few system turnovers for operations to run smoothly again. The more you can reuse chemicals, the less of an impact tank cleaning has.

Outage Services

We can manage your outage for you. We’ll set up a schedule, put in the engineering hours year after year, and take care of your outage from start to finish.

Boiler Aware

We offer a database solution for collecting boiler inspection information.

Plant Control

This is something we offer in conjunction with Metso Automation. We can install a control device on your boiler that makes critical decisions. There’s a lot of data for boiler operators to sift through. Making real time decisions can often be difficult, and a delay in making those decisions can negatively impact boiler efficiency. The device we install takes that information, processes it, and makes any necessary adjustments to the boiler.

Like we said, here at Metso Power we’re boiler people, and we’re eager to provide the services you need to keep your plant running.