Introducing the Valmet Smelt Spout System Upgrade!

“This is our best selling product and raising the bar on what customers should expect from their smelt spout system performance.” – Dan Morrison, Valmet’s Smelt Spout Product Manager

We’re proud of our industry leading SMaRT™ innovation here at Valmet Power—the Smelt Spout System. But this is a blog, after all, so we don’t want to weigh you down with a boring press release. Instead, here’s a top ten list that highlights the BEST of what the system has to offer.

1 – The system can pay for itself in LESS THAN A YEAR!!!

The ShatterMax™ dual shatter jet is the focal point of the system, offering substantial steam savings, which alone can pay for the retrofit in less than a year. Each shatter jet nozzle is rated for <400lbs/hr flow with 160# steam and is typically fully operational with only one of the two nozzles in service.

*Note* The ShatterMax™ dual shatter jets are also available as a stand-alone retrofit project for any existing recovery boiler.

2 – Keep workers safe and protected

Safety Matters around Recovery Tasks and every aspect of the SMaRT™ system—from the position of the ShatterMax™ jet to the externally accessible hood shower bars—is designed to keep operators safe and protected, whether they’re inspecting and tuning the shatter jet operation or removing the shower bars for cleaning and replacement while the unit is online and smelting.

3 – It can be installed as part of new construction, or as a retrofit for existing recovery boilers of ANY OEM

This is a great product, so we thought it should be available to everyone. You don’t need worry about who made your recovery boiler or how old it is—we’ll make the Valmet work for YOUR unit.

4 – Lower maintenance time AND cost

The insertable self leveling spouts with integrated refractory seal box are easily replaceable, saving you time and money during outages, and who couldn’t use more of that?

5 – Maintain reduction efficiency and minimize excess load on the vent stack scrubber

Each Valmet Smelt Spout System has two enclosed micro hoods attached to seal the transition between furnace and dissolving tank, an ideal arrangement that keeps the smelt stream covered and reduces tramp air intake.

6 – Quieter spout deck

This one speaks for itself. Less noise means less of a headache for everyone.

7 – Customizable

Any of the system’s three mini doors can be arranged to accommodate the inspection/maintenance needs of your mill. No mill is exactly the same, so we made our system adaptable.

8 – Unique, Valmet designed spout

The core of the system is the robust, insertable, water-cooled smelt spout. The spout design is clean and simple with no tube swages or attachments. It has a deep, U-shaped trough with a steep 35° slope exclusive to our design. It enables the spouts to maintain a quick, steady and uniform smelt stream, giving better shattering capabilities AND reducing crusting in the trough.

9 – Steam savings

In addition to the nozzle rating, the highly adjustable shatter jet brackets enable the nozzles to be accurately positioned, allowing the steam consumption to be throttled back to achieve the greatest steam savings while maintaining proper smelt shattering.

10 – Long life

The ShatterMax™ is positioned at such an angle as to direct the smelt shattering far down inside the dissolving tank, rather than inside the lower hood—a practice which, based on our experience, typically decreases its life span.

So there you have it—the top ten reasons YOU should upgrade to Valmet’s Smelt Spout System. And the unofficial Reason 11? It’s a Valmet Power SMaRT™ product, so you know its top-of-the-line, designed with your safety and profitability in mind. What are you waiting for? Call us to learn more.

Skirting the OEMs

Here at Metso Power, we are dedicated to offering our customers the best products at the best price in the shortest amount of time. Our ash hopper steel skirting is no different. We provide an alternative to going back to the OEM. And we freely admit that our ash hopper skirting is not as good as the OEM original—it’s better, and we can get it to you in a shorter amount of time.Ash Hopper Steel Skiritng

Why is it so important that we emphasize shorter turnaround times? The answer is because those turnaround times are so crucial to our customers. We’re a service company. By and large, customers don’t order from us in advance, they order from us when their plant is in outage. And when you realize that you need new ash hopper steel skirting 10 days into a 30 or 40 day outage, you need it fast.

The keys to our quality and speed lie in the fact that we manufacture our own tooling, and that no matter what type of stainless steel our customers use at their plants, they can be almost sure that we have it on inventory here.  All of this means that we can offer products perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs. There’s no “making something work,” there’s only crafting the perfect skirting for the job.