Metso Power to the Rescue!

Power Producers across a variety of industries, from utilities, pulp & paper manufacturers and independent power producers,  to sugar cane companies and waste energy, have come to find Metso Power is the all-around industry leader.  We supply our customers with the highest quality power generation equipment at a competitive value, for any and all needs.  But, that’s not all.  What really sets us apart and makes Metso unique is our commitment to customer service and our fast response to emergency situations.

TubingRecently, a customer in a remote region experienced severe boiler tube failures over the course of a weekend, which created an unforced outage and the potential for significant losses.  Understanding the urgent nature of our customer situation, we immediately addressed their needs, located the replacement tubing they required, and arranged air transportation for immediate delivery to ensure their requirements were fulfilled without delay.  This is just one of the countless examples of how we work tirelessly, 24/7, to support our clients.  Where there’s a need, Metso Power will “find a way” to get it done.  Quite simply, expect results because we care about you, our customer.

Metso stocks boiler tubing and membrane bar in a wide range of material grades and sizes in our U.S. facilities, so they are always in-stock whenever you need them click here to learn more.

The bottom line is Metso Power is the solution to your tubing needs.  So what does that mean for you? We look ahead and anticipate what’s happening both in your business and in the industry at large. With Metso Power, you can rest assured we are working round-the-clock to be the company you need us to be, all day, every day.

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